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Message par Everflow » 17 sept. 2017, 21:52

Un prof suédois de paléontologie sort un bouquin de fossiles... basés sur des personnalités du metal. :lol: :fist:
Avec une superbe couverture evil.

Le mec va même sortir un EP de "paleo metal" avec des stars locales.
Swedish Professor of Palaeontology and metal aficionado, Mats E. Eriksson, is launching an exciting new book project. Having a history of combining his love for metal music, arts, science and popular culture he has, among other things, named fossil species after such ikons as Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, and Alex Webster. He records and releases metal music with songs about prehistoric creatures and is involved in the highly successful traveling exhibition, Rock Fossils. The latter portrays fossils named after rock stars while simultaneously revealing the stories behind the once living creatures and their strange etymology, as well as the scientists and musicians.

The new full color book, Hårdrocksfossil, is in Swedish and features 41 chapters spread over 289 pages. It contains more than 100 unique paintings, photographs and drawings.

With a witty sense of humor Eriksson describes the “good, bad and the ugly” excavated from the fossil record. He discusses such central issues as Sweden’s most heinous creature, a dinosaur named Scrotum, fossil supermodels, how extinctions can be the key to life, and why and how puke and feces can become preserved in the fossil record and why it matters. Perhaps more importantly, he allows for metal music, arts, science, and popular culture to amalgamate. This includes peculiar anecdotes on, and unique photographs of, Lemmy Kilmister, King Diamond, Accept, Wolf, and Seance, all taking place in a "fossil” setting. Strange? Yes! Exciting? You bet! Horns up to Paleo Metal!
Swedish paleontology professor and metal devotee Mats E. Eriksson invited some of his favorite musicians and recorded an album that sonically pays homage to a group of exceptionally preserved, half-a-billion-year-old fossils, which is target of his research. Eriksson says he approached the musicians with the following mindset; “not only am I a major fan of their respective work but I also focused on perceived personalities, i.e., individuals that seemingly ooze dedication combined with a jovial disposition. And of course musicians who might appreciate science and, not least, quirky and unorthodox combinations. Man, was I proven right!”

The Primordial Rigor Mortis record features four tracks with lyrics penned by Eriksson (Spider Death BC). The lines deal with the extraordinary, so-called ‘Orsten’ fossils from the Cambrian Period (c. 541-485 million years ago) while simultaneously being staged in a dark, ‘metal’ landscape. For this project, Eriksson worked closely primarily with Tomas Andersson (Denata, Seance, Freevil) as the main music composer, instrumentalist and sparring partner. The cover artwork of the record features a stunning painting by the one and only Joe Petagno, who made his own interpretation of the force of nature killing off and preserving the ‘Orsten’ creatures.

The record kicks off with an eerily evil, yet beautiful soundscape composed by award-winning, clavier wizard Fredrik Andersson (Phanatos), and with Eriksson’s lyrics performed by horror metal ‘monster’ and multi-instrumentalist Snowy Shaw (Snowy Shaw Band, ex-Notre Dame, ex-King Diamond, ex-Mercyful Fate, ex-Dream Evil etc). In this prelude piece, Shaw chillingly guides the listener into the long lost world of strange beasts and their subsequent fate on the paleontologist dissection table.

Following this is an explosive, brief death/thrash metal piece coined “Enigmatic Presence (Agnostus pisiformis)” composed by Andersson and Eriksson. Johan Larsson’s (Seance) guttural growls violate your ear drums while paying tribute to A. pisiformis, a seminal creature in the Cambrian seas.

The third track “Primordial Rigor Mortis I” is sort of a cross-over composition; thrashy rhythms meet more melodic and traditional style metal. Composed by Andersson it features vocalist extraordinaire Charles “Chulle” Rytkönen (Morgana Lefay, Cibola Junction), while also flavored by some Andersson growling. As icing on the ‘Paleo Metal’ cake, there is an alien-esque guitar solo by none other than the astonishing Mattias “Ia” Eklundh (Freak Kitchen).

The record terminates with “Primordial Rigor Mortis II”, a death metal beast by Andersson, who also performs Eriksson’s lyrics alongside the helpful growling of Larsson. Two amazing guitar solos coloring the tune are attributed legendary death metal guitarist Karl Sanders (Nile).

In addition to the digital release, the tracks are also available on a collector’s edition 12”, 45 RPM picture vinyl record, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies worldwide. Of course the vinyl is pressed on authentic fossils. Order the EP on Bandcamp. All tracks were mixed by Mique Flesh (Seance, Freevil, ex-Witchery) and the record is self-released by Eriksson, who also produced all songs together with Andersson. Eriksson says “I could not have been more proud and pleased with the outcome and I extend my deepest gratitude towards all amazing people involved in this project”.


From a haze came a rage of thunder
Distant signs of darkness on the way
Fading cries scream of pain and hunger
But in the night the light will guide your way