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D'habitude on évoque les groupes qui s'inspirent de romans.

Mais dans le sens inverse, dans une récente parution de Stephen King ce dernier fait référence à la chanson "Madhouse" d'ANTHRAX... en tant qu'instrument de torture.

Anthrax classic “Madhouse” is used as a torture device in Stephen King’s You Like It Darker short stories collection.

The reference is found in the tale called Finn, first released in 2022 as an eBook and received a physical release in May through Scribner.

Anthrax guitarist and Stephen King fan Scott Ian noticed the reference and posted on Instagram:

“Stephen King name checks us again in his new collection of stories You Like It Darker!!! I was reading on the flight home from Europe yesterday. In the fifth story in the book, a rather brutal tale called Finn, Steve uses our song ‘Madhouse’ as a torture device. Perfect! I apologize if the sound of my head exploding when I saw Anthrax mentioned woke anyone up on the plane.
If you haven’t read You Like It Darker I recommend you do. It’s a vicious summer read!”
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